Reader’s appreciation award, Cuddly blog award and Versatile-and-beautiful-blogger award


I have been putting this off long enough so I decided to finally post about it. Little miss obsessive’s anatomy, being the nice person she is, nominated me for these two awards. The reason why I didn’t post about these earlier is because I didn’t know what experiences, as required by the rules, I should share with you. And, as I am writing this post, I still don’t know what to write but first things first: the rules.

Reader’s appreciation award: For this award, you must choose six bloggers whose blogs you enjoy reading and say what you’ve been up to lately.

Lately I haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting. I started teaching a 9-year-old whose favorite pastime in my classes is to say “Teacher! I don’t understand” six or seven times each class simply because she doesn’t want to do the exercises. I have also been preparing my trip to Sweden in the summer (finally got my plane tickets today!). And I have also been planning a quick getaway with a friend I haven’t seen in ages because she lives in a different city. So, that is really it, lot’s of plans but nothing really exciting right now.

Cuddly Blog Award: Instead of recipients having to say 7 things about themselves they have to relate just one incident that made them want to reach out and hug someone. Whether they actually followed through with the hug is not important. Justwanting to is enough.

Ok, I will say it now so that it is out in the open: I am not a hugger. I’m too shy to be a hugger so the only few people I would ever consider hugging are my really (really) close friends. One of them is the kind of person who smiles all day long and would never tell you when she is really hurting but, since we have known each other for a while now, I can tell when she is not feeling ok. So a few months back she was going through something and I really wanted to hug her and tell that it was ok to feel bad sometimes but because she just puts up a wall it was impossible to just do it. So, there it goes, my hug incident.

Last but not least, the Versatile-and-beautiful-blogger award: 7 things about me and 7 nominations.


1. I wonder who decided that the number 7 was the ideal number for this kind of nominations (and I’m not just saying this, I really do).

2. I hate healthy food.

3. My birthday is the same day as Halloween and I love it because I think it makes my birthday parties cooler.

4. I hate group projects because you always have to compromise

5. I would like to live in New York at some point in my life.

6. I almost always carry a book in my purse (or nowadays my ereader) just in case I have a few minutes to read. The look people give you when you are reading in the bus at 4 a.m. is just priceless.

7. I don’t like chocolate cake.

Now I am not going to nominate anybody because of my procrastination I have accumulated too many nominatios and I would have to nominate pretty much everybody I follow. However I think that everybody I follow deserves a nomination so if I follow you, consider yourself nominated. I know this sounds like the easy way, and it is, but I also mean that you should all get a nomination.


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  1. I always think it’s funny to stumble upon blogs when they get awards and have to say things about themselves when I don’t have any experience with the blog itself yet. I can’t even imagine how much fun your birthday parties must be, and maybe if you take over the nutritional world someday, chocolate cake and health food will run away together to escape any potential eradication…and then a lot of people on health food diets will be very, very pleased.

    • I’m glad you stumbled upon though. The parties are fun but people tend to complain for the lack of chocolate cake 😛 I’m not sure about taking over the nutritional world, I’ve tried and failed several times, just not my thing.

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