Life Unexpected: Unexpected Ending


This is one of those shows that from the first episode you know it’s not going to last. In fact, I was surprised to learn that it made it to its second season but of course that is as far as it got.

The main character was Lux, played by Britt Robertson (who has had no luck with her shows, btw), a girl who has lived in foster care all her life and is now looking for her biological parents. She does find them and from then on she will start a new life with her long lost family.

Sounds cheesy, and it might have been a bit, but it was also a very sweet and down-to-Earth show. Lux had to deal with “normal” teenager problems as well as her difficult past. The reconnection with her parents brought up interesting drama not just for her but for them also. And there was some teenage romance to keep the show interesting. The second season was not as good with the whole teacher-student thing but it did have some good storylines with Lux’s past coming back to her and her relationship with her best friend, Natasha. The finale, however, was a huge disappointment for me. I imagine they didn’t think the show would get cancelled because jammed everything into the last episode providing the happy ending a lot of people were hoping for (not the one I was hoping for, though) but that, given the point the show was at, seemed far-fetched and, well, totally unexpected.

If you haven’t watched this and are looking for a show that will make the wait for September’s new seasons a bit shorter, I would really recommend this one. Just don’t expect an awesome ending.

In case you are wondering I never saw the resemblance with  Juno or Gimore Girls, while this was a nice show I think it was nothing like them and probably the other two were much better.


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  1. I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and I get the Gilmore Girls comparison. There was this one time where the main characters go to dinner at the man’s parents. Then there’s a fight, because the girl’s grandfather is mad at his son for the mistakes he’s made. Sounds like Lorelai and Emily to me!

    • Ok, that might be a little like Gilmore Girls but they lacked all the witty dialogue. There are similarities in some situations but they were dealt with in completely different ways.Besides, Gilmore Girls is my favorite show 🙂 while Life Unexpected is just ok.

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