Two of a Kind


Every time I do my nails I like to watch something, preferably something that I have already watched or not very interesting because I don’t pay too much attention. Usually that would be either Friends or David Letterman interviews. But a few days ago as I decided to try water marbling I went on Youtube and stumbled upon Two of a Kind videos and started watching some episodes. ” How long does it take you to do your nails?” you might be wondering. Well, usually quite a bit because I file, do cuticles, paint and stamp. So it does take me a while but when I decided to try water marbling it started to take forever because I find it impossible to do. The funny part here is that after two failed attempts at this technique and a couple other manicures I found myself watching Two of a Kind even when my hands were not involved. I was hooked!

I know I had watched this show as a kid but I really didn’t remember anything about it. And now I find it so cute. I love the Olsen twins, I think they were adorable kids and the plot is not too bad for a family show of the 90s. I particularly love Ashley with all her boys and clothes trouble. So here I was with all this fuzzy, long-lost-childhood feelings when I went on imdb to check the episodes of the show and discovered that it only had one season. And just like that my moment of happiness shattered because I have already watched like half of them so either I need to get faster with my manicures or find something else.


Let me know what you think!

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