Apartment hunt


Trying to find an apartment is a very stressful experience. Trying to do so from a different country and not being able to see the place in person is simply going to kill me. Today I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer and started looking at apartments only to find tons of information explaining how difficult it is to find accommodation in Sweden. To that you need to add the fact that my Swedish is limited to “Hello, How are, Can you talk a little bit about your family” so even when I do find adds I have to go to Google translator to actually understand what they say. Very frustrating.

In the end I managed to find and answer some offers but my stress level is off the charts. So, basically, all I can do now is have some lime tea, that I actually don’t have,  and convince myself that I won’t be living under a bridge for the whole month of August. Good luck to me.


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  1. I love that Friends episode 🙂 I really feel for you with the apartment hunting, I was in the exact same place last month! It’s so stressful. I hope you find one soon!! Keep looking out for student flats (studentlagenhet), they seem to be available quite short term and quite straightforward to let over the summer (in my limited experience anyway)…

    • That’s a fun Friends episode. And exactly how I feel, trying to pivot a couch that won’t pivot 😛 Hope somebody will get back to me soon because so far, all I have is a very dubious offer for a room in residence. We’ll see how it goes. Thnx for your encouragement, though.

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