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Spring trends


Spring still refuses to honor us with its presence, at least in this side of the world where it has been raining for two weeks, but spring trends have been out and about for a few months now. I’m loving all the pastel shades and color-blocking but there are a few things I just can’t get on board with:

1. Asymmetrical skirts

I know they are really fashionable and all but they just look like badly hemmed skirts to me.

2. Ombre hair

If it doesn’t look good on Rachel Bilson it won’t look good on anybody. Although I know most people won’t agree, this makes the hair look dirty. I know I’m usually too obsessed with hair cleanliness but can you seriously tell me this looks nice?

3. Studded heels

Unless you are planning on using these for self-defense I just don’t see the point. Again, I can’t see the beauty in these.




Enough is enough


April, we need to talk. I think it is fair to say that things have not been right between us lately. You started off a bit too warm and I said some things I shouldn’t have about my allergies and so you have started acting out. But, 6°C in the morning, don’t you think that is going a bit too far? And I know I said I like rain but two weeks of grey days with occassional drizzle do not count as rain. So I think it is time for us to patch things up and let spring begin.

I want to wear light dresses and sandals. I want to use my perfect black blazer that took forever to find and which, because of this, I was only able to wear twice before winter started. I’ve got a new pair of sunglasses thatI would like to show off and tons of summery nail polishes that I’m dying to try out. I’m sick of coats, tights and boots. I live in the sunny side of Europe, for crying out loud, I don’t have such a big winter wardrobe. In fact, if I have to put on my black coat once again I promise I will cry. This has gotten out of control.

I think we can both agree that I got the point you were trying to make. I will never complain about an early spring ever again. So, April, are we good now?

Spring dresses


Spring time is upon us which means soon we will be able to wear lots of dresses without fearing the cold. Not that I don’t wear dresses in winter, I really like the dress+boots+tights combo (not necessarily in that order), but spring dresses are more colorful. So I bring you today my favorite dresses for the new season:

Vestidos Stradivarius primavera 2012 flores

This one is from Stradivarius and I really like the cut. Not so much the flowers, though.

This is also from Stradivarius and I really like it. It is pretty simple but it also means it is easy to accessorize. I think I prefer the red one but the navy blue is also cute.

This other is from Zara and while I love the design I’m not really into that green color, but may be just because it reminds me of my mum’s old car, so it’s probably just me.

And the last one is from Blanco and I really like it but I know I might be alone on this one.

There is also an asymmetric dress from Zara in a minty green that I really liked but unfortunately it is not on their online store so I can’t show. I think that might actually be the winner, or one of the winners. We’ll see.

Shoes dilemma


A few days ago I was checking the Forever 21 online store and I run across these two pairs of shoes:            

I kind of liked both of them but I wasn’t fully convinced by any of them. I really liked the heels and the color of the first pair but I preferred the peep toe shape of the second pair. However I didn’t really like the heels of this pair. And so today I came across this other pair:

I love them. It is like the perfect combination of the other two. I would have preferred blue or beige but still, they feel great for the summer. I don’t know if I will end up buying them since I can only buy them online and I don’t feel very comfortable with the idea but I think I might. I’ll let you know!

Leggings are not pants


The trend has been with us longer than anyone would have expected and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But, seriously, how did it all get started? Who decided that it was a good idea to show our butts to the world? Really, leave something to the imagination!

If I’m to be honest, I have to say I tried it once. Everybody was doing it, so why not try it? (Nothing good seems to ever come out of asking yourself this question, btw). Still a bit undecided about it I asked my roomates. They both said to go for it and so I did. I left the house wearing leggings with a long t-shirt that barely covered anything. I went to the mall which was five minutes away from my appartment. After half an hour or so I had to go back because of how uncomfortable I was. Not only did I feel like I was half naked from the waist down, it’s the stupidest outfit to wear in the middle of winter sice it is not warm at all. And, call me conventional, but I kind of like to keep my intimate parts at a high temperature.

Anyway the whole experience just confirmed what my heart had been telling me all along: leggings are not pants. And since we are currently living in a leggings, jeggins, tights turmoil, I leave you this chart for when you are in doubt.

(Diagram taken from Huffington Post)