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I really hate that I haven’t been posting lately but I have been on a weird state of mind and I just didn’t have the energy to write anything. I’m having all these mood swings in which one moment I’m incredibly happy and excited and the next I’m stressed and worried. I wouldn’t rule out madness but I am trying to take control of things and go back to acting like a normal person which also means that I hope to go back to my regular posting schedule.

In the meantime, did you know that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is coming out in September.I haven’t read the book (although it is already in my reader) but I saw the trailer and it looks great. I guess I’ll have to read the book for now but I am really excited.


Moonrise Kingdom


On Saturday evening I spent one hour and a half watching this movie and half listening to my friend saying she is never going to let me pick a movie again. On my defense, the trailer of Moonrise Kingdom looked really sweet and she never ever chooses anything. I, however, thought the movie was ok.

It is about two children who fall in love and decide to run away from their families together. However policemen, boy scouts and social services will stand on the way of their young love. I know, it sounds cheesy but it really is not. I think the way it is presented is quite unconventional and the characters are quite original and transmit the sadness of the empty lives the two kids are trying to avoid. It’s a bit extravagant but if you keep an open mind, it’s quite nice.

I admit the children are weird and have a strange behavior but, at the same time, that is what makes the movie interesting. It was not sweet the way I thought it would be when I saw the trailer (kind of like Little Miss Sunshine) but it was cute on its own way. I think, that the only complaints I have are not about the movie itself but about the dubbing. I’m not against dubbing, per se, but children usually have terrible dubbers (try watching Harry Potter in Spanish and you will want to kill yourself). Other than that I think the movie was alright and would have been a lot more enjoyable without my friend. So, lesson learned, next time I’m going to the movies on my own, that way I will also avoid dubbing, it’s a win-win for my friend and for me.

Doctor Zhivago


It has been four hours but I can now say that I have watched Doctor Zhivago. The movie is three and a half hours long but you couldn’t expect me to watch this all at once. There were snack breaks, bathrooms breaks and Facebook breaks but I finally finished. My neck might take a while to recover from all this lying in the couch but my veredict for the movie is positive.

I watched the 2002 version, the one with Keira Knightly, and I am quite satisfied. Basically it is all I expected it to be: a very long Russian drama which, for me, is always an enjoyable option and a way to kill time until Anna Karenina comes to Spanish theaters. There is love, unrequited love, bad guys, good people standing on the way of happiness. It’s got all a good drama needs. I particularly enjoyed the political background because all I studied in school about Russia was the Russian Revolution but never what happened afterwards. I also read 1984 but I don’t think basing my knowledge of post-Revolutionary Russia on that book is completely fair. So, what I’m saying is that the movie provided an interesting and unsettling historical background.

Then I went on Wikipedia to find out a bit more about the novel and the history of Russia and discovered that this was a pretty controversial book at the time. The manuscript had to be smuggled out of Russia , because the soviet authorities considered it subversive, to be published in Italy in both Russian and Italian. It was an immediate success and Boris Pastermak was awarded the Nobel prize a year later. This didn’t make the U.S.S.R very happy which is why he didn’t attend the acceptance ceremony. That, however, didn’t change the fact Doctor Zhivago had become an international “best-seller”.

All of this just leads to one conclusion: I need to read the novel. Probably this summer because, with some luck, all the snow in the book will make the heat more bearable.

Crazy, stupid love


There was no chance I wouldn’t like this movie. It is a nice romantic comedy that made me laugh and allowed me to see Ryan Gosling’s abs, really the perfect option for a Saturday evening. And I give it extra points for having Emma Stone in it.

The ending is quite predictable but, I mean, that is to be expected from a movie like this. The whole cast is great and some parts of the script are really funny. I liked when Jessica was trying to take the pictures of herself or when Cal meets the teacher at the bar. It adds a little to the typical comedy with Robbie’s crush on Jessica and Hannah being Cal’s daughter but there is little more to add to it. It is a fun movie to watch and certainly a nice way to end my very long day of cleaning but not one I plan on rewatching.

Sense and Sensibility.


I decided to use my Sunday evening to finally watch Sense and Sesibility. I had read the book a while ago but I had never watched the movie. It was quite nice and it raises a very controversial issue: whether you should listen to your heart or your head. Balance is, obviously, the best solution and that is what I think Austen was trying to prove in this novel but I don’t think that in real life we can really do it. I see myself a lot like Marianne, very impulsive and always following my emotions so I find it easy to empathize with her, however Eleanor is like a foreign world to me. It is therefore interesting to see how they both behave, not only with the man in their life, but with each other.

The cast is amazing, my favorites being Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman (although, after Snape, it is hard to see him playing the good guy). I know, that is almost the whole cast but as I said it is really great. There is also Hugh Grant who does a good job too.

I still prefer Pride and Prejudice but I have to admit it’s just because I love to see Darcy and Elizabeth arguing. Sense and Sensibility, on the other hand, talks about attitudes and emotions that are much more present in our world (or at least mine) so I felt more involved. Your choice really, I think all Jane Austen’s stories are worth reading and so are all the movie adaptations I have seen so far.

Tin Man


This is one of those movies that I should have watched ages ago but some reason I never got around to. Now that I finally have I really wonder what I was waiting for. I have not finished yet because it has three parts but, so far, it seems good. It is not a fantastic movie but it is a very interesting twist in The Wizard of Oz story. It is a much darker and up-to-date version of Baum’s tale and I just love when this trend of making traditional children storied into more obscure and complicated stories. It is still far from Once Upon A Time, which I love, but it is still quite enjoyable.

Did I mention that the character of Dorothy is played by Zooey Deschannel? Only that would have made  it a definite watch in my list but I didn’t find out until today. It seems a bit weird to see her in that role since now I can only picture her as Jess, but she is still good at it (although I really wished she had worn different pants).

I never really liked The Wizard of Oz as a kid and, in fact, I have never even watched the movie with Judy Garland, but as a grown-up I have had a reconciliation with this story. Mostly thanks to Wicked and this movie which kind of makes me think that it is not really a reconciliation it is just that this stories are only loosely based on the original. Either way, it’s a nice movie for a Saturday evening.

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The Parent Trap


Who has never watched The Parent Trap? It is one of my absolute Disney favorites. Actually they, because I love both versions the one from 1961 and the one from 1998. With the first one I never really understood what the big deal was since Boston and California were in the same country (enter my  European concept of country, meaning much smaller and, therefore, the same exact culture and lifestyle) and I couldn’t really grasp the differences but it was fun nonetheless. For the second one I demanded to be taken to the cinema to watch it and then I watched it a zillion times more at home. Plus they decided to use London instead of Boston which was much more familiar. What I don’t really understand is why they didn’t choose the Olsen twins. They were perfect for the part. Not that I didn’t love Lindsay Lohan, I absolutely adored her but it just seems strange.

All of this is all just to say that I find this movie really fun, even now, and it reminds me of my childhood. And I guess I could also mention that, for some weird reason I love movies and shows about twins (Sweet Valley High, Sister, sister, Winning London…). You must think I’m crazy, but can you honestly say you didn’t love this movie as kids?