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Swedish Summer


Today I finally booked my Swedish course for this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I still need to find a place to live for a month and book the flight and basically everything except for the actual course but this is the first step that makes it seem real. I don’t know if my Swedish will be good enough to actually communicate with people or if I will make friends at all but it is a new challenge and it’s exciting.

I love traveling but I feel that spending just a few days in place doesn’t really give you a chance to get to know the place. This is why I love the idea of going to Gothenburg for a month because it will give me the chance to see much more than just a few days plus I hope to be able to do some little trips over the weekend. We’ll see how it all goes but for now I’m happy. So happy that I wanted to listen to some Swedish music and I have become obsessed with this song which I know is kind of silly even with my limited knowledge of the language and yet I can’t stop listening to it. Wish me luck!




I have made up my mind, actually I did that a while ago but now it really looks like it will be happening. Either way, this is where I plan on spending my summer and hopefully a bit longer than that.

For some weird reason I’m in love with Scandinavia so I started learning Swedish. This summer, if all goes well,  I will be taking my second course over there. Can’t wait.

My weekend in Paris


As you know, I went to Paris over the weekend and ,just so you know, I had a great time. Paris is really not one of my favorite cities in the world. Yes, it is beautiful, it’s classy, it’s tidy… but it is just not fun, it lacks life. However this time I enjoyed it more than any other time I had been there before. First of all, I had already seen the Louvre three times, gone up the Eiffel Tower twice and been dragged to the Musée D’Orsay once. I’m not a fan of painting or taking pictures so this time I skipped it all together. All I did was walk around the city and see the monuments and the streets from outside. I didn’t have to worry abut visit times or prices. And that I think was the key for such a great trip. I had time to go into whatever shops I wanted and take my time looking around. I took a bus just to see the city at night. I enjoyed a beer in a random bar without worrying about what time I had t wake up next day. It was what every holiday should be: relaxing. After this I have decided this is the way all my holidays should be. Yes, I still want to visit monuments and museums or whatever when I go places but I won’t try to see it all in a couple of days. That is stressful, expensive, tiring and I go back home in need of real holidays and I refuse to do that to myself again. Next time I’ll visit whatever seems reasonable, leave some time to just wander around and whatever I can’t visit that time will have to wait for a future visit, if I like the city enough to go back.