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One Day


I was going though Youtube yesterday when I came across this video from One Day (don’t watch it if you plan on watching the movie) and I remembered what a nice book it was. It is the story of Dexter and Emma. The books presents us with what happens on the same day of each year. How they grow up from their early twenties into their thirties and how their life changes throughout these years. The story is simple with a fresh presentation. I like the characters too, particularly Emma because, well, she reminds me a bit of myself . Because the story is mostly just about them the writer takes his time to explore their feelings and gives them depth, and that might be why he manages to make the story so appealing.

The film wasn’t as good as the book, particularly because of Anne Hathaway’s British accent, but also because the format of the book doesn’t work as well in the big screen. But back to Anne Hathaway, I just wonder: are there no British actresses? Really, I’m sure they could have found someone more suited for this role. It’s not that I don’t like her, because I do, I just don’t think she was right for this movie.  Jim Sturgess is there to save the day, though. He does a great job and, besides I could watch almost anything with him on it. Anyway, the movie is snice and I do love the scene from the video.