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Coffee shops


I’m a huge procrastinator so having exams this week means that I am sleep deprived and the only solution I have is coffee. Unfortunately in Spain we don’t have the coffee shops that Anglo-Saxon countries have and which I love so much, except for Starbucks, of course, but as much as I like it, it is super expensive. I’m not saying the coffee in these places is particuarly good but it has caffeine and more importantly they have it to go, which is a foreign concept for Spanish bars. Either way, In the morning I don’t usually have time to make coffee so it would be great to have a place right around the corner  where I can grab a cup as I’m heading for the subway. And in this train of though I started thinking about the lovely place that was just around the corner of my house the year that I lived in Belfast. Only 80 cents or so for a coffee. I really miss those days.

But if there is a coffee place I miss it’s Tim Hortons. It is cheap and it has timbits, if I could have one of those here in Spain my life would be complete. Bottom line of the post is I’m really tired and I need to move to a place with decent coffee shops.


Fifty dead men walking


I watched this movie on a plane just because I had been living in Northern Ireland for a year and I wanted to listen to the accent (I have a thing for accents) but I was not expecting to like it. In fact I was expecting to watch five minutes of it, satisfy my accent cravings and switch to something else but that didn’t happen.

The movie is about a man who infiltrates into the IRA but is actually working for the British police. He will try to save lives by risking his and his family’s only to find disappointment in both sides of the conflict. It is not an easy movie. There is a lot of violence and tension and you know that nothing good can come out of it. The worse part is that it is based on a true story so you can not just dismiss it all as some moviemaker’s imagination.

I obviously knew about the IRA but I had never really thought about what the troubles had been like. The movie certainly gives you a clear picture. It was also how I discovered Jim Sturgess who does a lovely job in it. Not a movie to take lightly because it will you up but definitely worth watching, specially if you like thrillers.