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Eurovision Part 2


Yesterday turned out to be better than I expected. As you know I had a birthday dinner thta was going to prevent me from watching Eurovision live but it turned out that half the people at dinner also wanted to watch it so when the dinner was finished and the voting started we headed to the other room and watched the summary and the voting. I had no hopes for Spain so I decided to support Greece because their song seemed nice. Ironically enough, they did worse than Spain proving my theory that I jinx every country I support. Either way Spain finished in 10th place which is much better than we did in the last few years so it is an improvement. I think Sweden got a well-deserved victory, specially taking into account that Russia’s old ladies came in second. Besides I do love Sweden so I’m happy with the results.

Source: David Mdzinarishvili / REUTERS

P.S. Now Sweden may have won the Eurovison contest but that won’t keep my Swedish teacher from giving us our exam this week so I’m busy studying for that, once that is over I will, hopefully, go back to reading everybody’s blogs. My reader tells me I have like 20 new posts to read every time I log in and I hate not having time to read them but this exam is important so I hope you will all forgive me 🙂