Fairy tales.


When you love books it’s probably a cliché to say that your favorite Disney character is Bella. How could she not be? She also loves books, she’s pretty, she is nice and can see beyond appearances. So I guess it comes as no surprise that my favorite character in Once Upon a Time is also Bella. Of course, this show is completely different from Disney movies and the characters are much deeper and complex. If there is one thing I love about Once Upon a Time is how they provide an explanation to every character’s behavior and personality. So the fact that Bella is appearing now more in the show can only make me happy. 

This  is not, however, the only thing that makes me think that we have a great second season ahead. Have you seen Hook? And I’m not saying that just because he is cute, although he is really cute. He is joining forces with Cora, supposedly more evil than the Evil Queen, which seems to put some interesting obstacles in the heroes’ way. And an alliance between Snow White, Mulan and Aurora is worth seeing. And, last but not least, Charming is finally being charming which is not something I could say about him last season with all the cheating and being, well, not charming.

If I find a flaw to this show it is actually Emma. For one thing, as much as I loved Jennifer Morrison in House, I don’t like her as Emma. I mean, could she please use more than two facial expressions? But I don’t care much for her character either and I can’t really explain why but I just feel like she doesn’t add much to the story, specially in this second season. However, since my favorite part of the show is seeing the fairy tale characters and finding out about their stories she doesn’t bother me too much.

All in all it seems that they have managed to keep the magic alive which, to be honest, I doubted they could. Now if they managed to include Jasmine somehow, my happiness would be complete because, although I do love Bella, Jasmine is actually my favorite princess.


How time went by


What was supposed to be a  couple of weeks away became actually three months and I am not fully aware of how that happened.  Some of it was my trip to Sweden which was not particularly time-consuming but I just didn’t feel like writing and then I was offered a job in London and things became hectic and blurry. I have now been living in London for almost a month, things have settled down and felt like it was time to provide some excuses for my absence.

Either way, I’m back and I’m planning to start posting again, probably not as often as before but hopefully on a regular basis. After all, I have accumulated lots of shows, books and random stuff I want to discuss.



Summer, surprisingly, is taking up a lot of my time which is why I have decided to close the blog for a few days. If everything goes as planned I will be back before the end of the month. Take care!



I think i have already explained that summer is not exactly my favorite season and the fact that there are no shows to watch just sucks so I have started rewatching Friends for the hundredth time. And boy is that show great. No matter how many times I watch I always find myself laughing out loud and it is one of the few things that can make me forget my everyday problems. My absolute favorite is Chandler, I think he is hilarious, but what makes the show so great is that all the characters are funny and lovable. So, there you go, that’s one of the things I’ve been doing lately.

Paint It Black


If you read my blog you might already know that White Oleander is my favorite book and if you don’t, well, I just told you. It was written by Janet Fitch who, according to Wikipedia, has only written two other books one of them being Paint it Black. If I remember correctly, after the Rolling Stones’ song.

Paint It Black is the story of Josie, an artist who is devastated after her boyfriend’s suicide. Fitch explores the healing process Josie undergoes after Michael dies. How she reevaluates her whole relationship with him and her life and how, slowly, she begins to accept his death.

I don’t think this book is as good as White Oleander but, she is a great writer, so it is still pretty good. I like the way she is capable of transmitting Josie’s agony and despair, how she takes you with her in her trip to rediscovering Michael’s life and how she makes you feel as perplexed as Josie. I know I say this about a lot of books but this is definitely a must read. And, while we are at it, you should also read White Oleander.



I really hate that I haven’t been posting lately but I have been on a weird state of mind and I just didn’t have the energy to write anything. I’m having all these mood swings in which one moment I’m incredibly happy and excited and the next I’m stressed and worried. I wouldn’t rule out madness but I am trying to take control of things and go back to acting like a normal person which also means that I hope to go back to my regular posting schedule.

In the meantime, did you know that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is coming out in September.I haven’t read the book (although it is already in my reader) but I saw the trailer and it looks great. I guess I’ll have to read the book for now but I am really excited.

Go away summer


I hate summer, July and August are probably the worst moths in the calendar. It is hot, everything is crowded and, honestly, I never find anything in the sales. Add Spain to the mix and you won’t be able to leave the house until 7 or 8 because any time before that you might melt. I dislike people who wear shorts and flip flops in the city and I detest having to see other people’s vacation pictures. Nothing good has ever happened to me in the summer season and at this point I don’t expect it too. The no new episodes thing is killing me and I have never been a fan of ice-cream. Therefore, summer, just go away quickly and quietly.