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Fairy tales.


When you love books it’s probably a cliché to say that your favorite Disney character is Bella. How could she not be? She also loves books, she’s pretty, she is nice and can see beyond appearances. So I guess it comes as no surprise that my favorite character in Once Upon a Time is also Bella. Of course, this show is completely different from Disney movies and the characters are much deeper and complex. If there is one thing I love about Once Upon a Time is how they provide an explanation to every character’s behavior and personality. So the fact that Bella is appearing now more in the show can only make me happy. 

This  is not, however, the only thing that makes me think that we have a great second season ahead. Have you seen Hook? And I’m not saying that just because he is cute, although he is really cute. He is joining forces with Cora, supposedly more evil than the Evil Queen, which seems to put some interesting obstacles in the heroes’ way. And an alliance between Snow White, Mulan and Aurora is worth seeing. And, last but not least, Charming is finally being charming which is not something I could say about him last season with all the cheating and being, well, not charming.

If I find a flaw to this show it is actually Emma. For one thing, as much as I loved Jennifer Morrison in House, I don’t like her as Emma. I mean, could she please use more than two facial expressions? But I don’t care much for her character either and I can’t really explain why but I just feel like she doesn’t add much to the story, specially in this second season. However, since my favorite part of the show is seeing the fairy tale characters and finding out about their stories she doesn’t bother me too much.

All in all it seems that they have managed to keep the magic alive which, to be honest, I doubted they could. Now if they managed to include Jasmine somehow, my happiness would be complete because, although I do love Bella, Jasmine is actually my favorite princess.




I think i have already explained that summer is not exactly my favorite season and the fact that there are no shows to watch just sucks so I have started rewatching Friends for the hundredth time. And boy is that show great. No matter how many times I watch I always find myself laughing out loud and it is one of the few things that can make me forget my everyday problems. My absolute favorite is Chandler, I think he is hilarious, but what makes the show so great is that all the characters are funny and lovable. So, there you go, that’s one of the things I’ve been doing lately.



Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new show and it’s…, well it’s summer, that’s what it is, so I will watch pretty much anything. It is not so bad, though, and it has Kelly Bishop behaving a lot like Emily Gilmore, so I will give it points for that.

The show is about Michelle, a showgirl who lives in Vegas, whose marriage to a small-town guy will turn her life upside-down. After the wedding they move to his home town and, after her husband’s death, she will find herself the owner of a huge house and lands. She will then have to learn how to live in a small town and with her mother-in-law, Fanny. She is a ballet teacher, and nothing has really happened yet, but I suspect Michelle might get involved in the whole ballet thing.

As I say, it is not great, and the script is far from the witty lines of Gilmore Girls, but it is watchable. Probably not much to say for a show but it’s hot andall I want to do is sit on the couch and melt while watching something moderately entertaining.

Two of a Kind


Every time I do my nails I like to watch something, preferably something that I have already watched or not very interesting because I don’t pay too much attention. Usually that would be either Friends or David Letterman interviews. But a few days ago as I decided to try water marbling I went on Youtube and stumbled upon Two of a Kind videos and started watching some episodes. ” How long does it take you to do your nails?” you might be wondering. Well, usually quite a bit because I file, do cuticles, paint and stamp. So it does take me a while but when I decided to try water marbling it started to take forever because I find it impossible to do. The funny part here is that after two failed attempts at this technique and a couple other manicures I found myself watching Two of a Kind even when my hands were not involved. I was hooked!

I know I had watched this show as a kid but I really didn’t remember anything about it. And now I find it so cute. I love the Olsen twins, I think they were adorable kids and the plot is not too bad for a family show of the 90s. I particularly love Ashley with all her boys and clothes trouble. So here I was with all this fuzzy, long-lost-childhood feelings when I went on imdb to check the episodes of the show and discovered that it only had one season. And just like that my moment of happiness shattered because I have already watched like half of them so either I need to get faster with my manicures or find something else.

Life Unexpected: Unexpected Ending


This is one of those shows that from the first episode you know it’s not going to last. In fact, I was surprised to learn that it made it to its second season but of course that is as far as it got.

The main character was Lux, played by Britt Robertson (who has had no luck with her shows, btw), a girl who has lived in foster care all her life and is now looking for her biological parents. She does find them and from then on she will start a new life with her long lost family.

Sounds cheesy, and it might have been a bit, but it was also a very sweet and down-to-Earth show. Lux had to deal with “normal” teenager problems as well as her difficult past. The reconnection with her parents brought up interesting drama not just for her but for them also. And there was some teenage romance to keep the show interesting. The second season was not as good with the whole teacher-student thing but it did have some good storylines with Lux’s past coming back to her and her relationship with her best friend, Natasha. The finale, however, was a huge disappointment for me. I imagine they didn’t think the show would get cancelled because jammed everything into the last episode providing the happy ending a lot of people were hoping for (not the one I was hoping for, though) but that, given the point the show was at, seemed far-fetched and, well, totally unexpected.

If you haven’t watched this and are looking for a show that will make the wait for September’s new seasons a bit shorter, I would really recommend this one. Just don’t expect an awesome ending.

In case you are wondering I never saw the resemblance with  Juno or Gimore Girls, while this was a nice show I think it was nothing like them and probably the other two were much better.



In my search of tv shows to fill the long summer days I discovered this lovely show. I have never watched Sex and the City but I feel this is what it would have been like had it been about twenty-year-olds and veering towards reality instead of Hollywood.

Hannah has just been cut out by her parents and needs to figure out what to do for money. And let me tell you right now that the main reason why I like this show is because her life looks a lot like mine. She is 24 and is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is also seeing a guy who is scum but that, for some reason, she feels compelled not only to tolerate but like. Luckily I don’t share that part of her life but I do share a lot of her insecurities in the boys area. I have only watched the firs two episodes which is why I don’t know much about the other characters but I imagine they will be further developed in the next few episodes. There is Marnie, Hannah’s best friend, who is not happy in her relationship and yet will not let it go. Jessa, a nomad of sorts, who doesn’t like to show her feelings and Shoshanna who seems to be the innocent one.

As I said, I haven’t watched much but it seems like a down-to-Earth show that will finally deal with some real life issues of twenty-somethings. Quite refreshing really, because even I get tired of high school or superficial shows sometimes and appreciate some bitter-sweet comedy.

Pretty Little Liars: nice comeback


Pretty Little Liars is back and I couldn’t be happier. Today I spent literally 5 hours commuting, one of the lovely perks of my job is that I teach in different places and since the car is at the repair shop I had to use the bus which takes way longer. What I’m saying is I was tired and after a day like this coming home to some fast food and teenage mystery drama was a relief. Plus PLL doesn’t dissappoint. I am a bit lost at this point with some parts of the plot because they twist it all so much but it is still good.

In terms of the plot it is as intriguing as ever. Emily can’t remember what happened to her, Mona is kind of creepy but interesting, Spencer’s mom is hiding something (as her family always is), Meredith might be the new bitch in town and Jenna can see. And did I mention Aria and Ezra? I just love those two.But let’s go back to Mona, for one thing I don’t know what she did with the tweezers because I suspect there was blood and I just couldn’t look. But do we think she is crazy? Because last week she was seeing Ally sitting in her room but she talked totally normal to Hanna in this week’s episode? So what is the deal with her? May be she is crazy but also aware of everything. I think the hot British doctor has something to do with her and A, but that is just my theory. Also Lucas is now somehow involved but I have no idea how. I have way too many doubts but I suppose that is the whole point.

Also there were some really cute outfits (I really like the dress Aria was wearing in this scene) and some really crazy ones. PLL, I missed you.